Spunky and smart.

As a global material handling automation provider, Intelligrated was at risk of falling into supply chain corporate speak and losing its smart, quirky personality. We were torn between the need to establish a stronger emotional bond to our target audience and promoting the features and benefits of products, software and service offerings. We thought, why not do both?

Our target audience has Benjamin Button syndrome.

We scanned the LinkedIn profiles of individuals with job titles and company affiliations that tied to our target audience. We wanted to see who they were, what they were interested in and understand what mattered to them. These people had grown younger and more diverse, and saw themselves as vital components to their organizations resonating beyond the four walls of a warehouse facility. They were the proprietors of change charged with delivering what matters.

Superman has nothing on a powerful marketing campaign.

We translated the benefits of Intelligrated solutions into terms that tapped into the youthful target audience’s elevated view of their roles. We compared labor management software to “Superpowers” and automated storage to “Innerspace,” speaking to the target people, instead of the buildings they sit in from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. The campaign was timed to debut at the world’s largest material handling trade show, and through an integrated advertising program, we placed print and digital ads in critical industry horizontal and vertical publications.

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The message really resonated with the audience. The campaign launch delivered the highest click-through-rates we had seen in almost four years, triple the industry average. 

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