Give a storied lift truck brand a pick-me-up.

For 171 years, the Yale brand benefitted from a rich history, strong reputation for quality and a diverse product mix. Thanks to a passionate independent dealer network, sales were solid. But the competition upped the aggressiveness of its marketing claims and started monopolizing the attention of the industry. Yale, however, wasn’t sitting idle. It had numerous product innovations and tools for helping customers run their operations more efficiently. Our challenge was to get the word out, grab a greater share of the spotlight and generate energy around Yale just weeks ahead of the world’s largest materials handling trade show.

Real productivity held out of reach.

An in-depth study was done with North American lift truck dealers and distributors. The study revealed that vertically integrated agreements created by competitors were locking customers into captive financial relationships. Even if a customer could identify inefficiencies in their lift truck fleet, the terms of their agreements left them powerless to do anything about it while bound by the constraints of previous contracts. The competition offered no creativity in their solutions and flexibility in their stagnant arrangements. This presented an interesting angle for a company focused on partnerships, like Yale.

Make a break for it.

Yale offered flexible finance terms, creative fleet management solutions and a large independent dealer network. With the “Break Free” integrated marketing campaign, we highlighted all the ways Yale could help a prospective client escape their current captive relationship and move toward a productive partnership built on their terms. From PR and digital advertising to videos and interactive displays, we showed customers that only Yale could help them break free from inefficiency and truly boost productivity. 

Elevating the productivity conversation.

The success of the campaign helped Yale achieve its stretch goal for qualified leads coming out of the show. Press events at the show were at capacity and PR mentions for the Yale brand and its products garnered impressions equal to $280,000 in media spend in just eight weeks. When the trade show came to a close, it was clear Yale’s Break Free campaign had elevated the productivity conversation and got the industry buzzing about the brand again.

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